Darling Diva Owl

Hello everybody!!!!

I am so super excited to start this new chapter of the blog: Fabulous Freebies!!!

I love to create and I love to share. With out the pressure of selling… I’d like to share with you my patterns so we can all enjoy the adorableness that is this little Darling Diva!!!

The Darling Diva Owl Hat

Some background on this precious hat:

My very best friend is having a little baby girl! This little girly is due to debut in late June/early July. She was wanting an owl hat for this little gem, and I was happy to make one (or more)! I decided I wanted a precious little girly owl, much like my little niece “L” will be. Little eyelashes and glimmers in her eye was the perfect way to depict little “L” in to this one of a kind hat.

I want ALL of you to be able to share this hat with your nieces, nephews, friends, kids and more. Sell what you make, and gift what you don’t!


Well, I’m going to tell you! It’s available… Tomorrow morning! And I will personally send YOU the coupon code to get it FREE on craftsy! How do you get it??!?! Follow these steps.

1) “LikeTeeny Toosh on Facebook if you haven’t yet!

2) SHARE this blog post on Facebook so all our friends can get this pattern, too!

3) SUBSCRIBE to my blog! Sign up to receive an update every time I update! This way, you’ll never miss a freebie!

And lastly.. Email me at Teenytooshcrochet@gmail.com to tell me that you did all of the above! (I will check! Sorry guys :/)

Here’s what you can insert:

Subject: Darling Diva Owl

Hi! I just shared your blog and subscribed! Please send me the FREE owl pattern code when it’s released!

(Your name)

Make sure your email address IS correct! I will send out the coupon code TO the address you email me on!

Alright everyone… Go go go! Share share share! Subscribe subscribe subscribe!

**facebook is not affiliated or responsible for the promotion in any way**

**please refrain from sharing the code with your friends. This code will change daily! Be fair!**


22 thoughts on “Darling Diva Owl

  1. Thanks so much for this!! The pattern looks precious! I can’t wait to make my newest addition one!

      • I can’t say my creativity dilemma was solved 😦 this was a request from a friend, so I decided to share the pattern! I’m still looking for my next big project! What’s “pieces and parts”?? Is this a candy I should know about??!

  2. Super Cute pattern love, love, I have a 2 1/2 month old baby girl she will look super cute.. thank you so much fro the pattern.. =)

  3. Thank you for sharing such a fantastic pattern! I look forward to making it for both of my daughters and hopefully for all of my neices and nephews as well (there are 9 total)! πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you! I love this little owl and have just the little great-great niece to make it for!
    Elaine Sumner

      • Selena, did you ever follow the steps and email me for the code? Everyone who emailed me, received the code (to download the pattern. The pattern was not sent to anyone directly from me). It actually ended up working out for everyone who did follow the steps! (86 people! whoa!) I’m very sorry if you missed out on this opportunity! Unfortunately it is now over and did run for 4 days straight. It’s still for sale, though. I will have the next Fabulous Freebie in a week or so, I hope! If you have trouble with that one too, I’ll help you out.

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