Teeny Talk! and a giveaway

Welcome to my first experience in the blog world as Teeny Toosh!

I can’t say I will be a professional at this. Blogging has never really been my “thing”. I like to collect all my thoughts in my head, and just file them that way.. but I really would love to be able to do care-free giveaways, and post free patterns as I make and jot them down.

At the moment, I’m in a creative rut. Are you ever in a creative rut? I feel like a toddler throwing a tantrum today. Better yet, I feel like my daughter. And she sure knows how to throw a tantrum.

I need some creative insight! I want to write a pattern that comes to me effortlessly. It seems I get halfway through a project, and get frustrated and give up. Nothing is speaking to me. Nothing is seeming “original” anymore… waah waaaah wah.

SO I have a task for you! Leave me a comment.. with one idea, concept, animal, bug, WHATEVER. Something that could bring some “creative insight” to my Teeny little mind. I’m up for a challenge!

The Precious Pea Pod Set

ONE lucky person (or maybe more, depends how good these ideas get) will win my already written pea pod pattern – that includes the newborn pod, and hat (psst, see that pic? up there? that’s it!). Leave your name, or email address, with your idea for a new pattern, concept, or whatever you feel would be a totally rad thing to create. If you don’t have ANY ideas, then feel free to tell me how you solve your creative ruts. I will pick some winners and announce them here on Tuesday morning!


21 thoughts on “Teeny Talk! and a giveaway

  1. OK here is on I would like to see I have never been able to find a pattern for a baseball mitt/glove for babies/toddlers. I have been trying to work it out but I am not good at writing patterns because I can never repeat what I have done twice. I can’t even tell you how I put together the last one I made together but it didn’t turn out as good as I think it can. I thought that it would make a great photo prop or pretend play item.

  2. I would love to see a crochet hard hat or tiny tool belt. My husband does construction, when we had our son I wanted to take pictures of him with things my husband used at work. But everything was to hard for me and my soft skinned baby 😀

    • There is a book of patterns called It’s Play Time by Sally Byrne That has a very cute tool belt set. My little guy loves it! Hope this helps you 🙂

    • Elvira.. that is a REALLY cool idea! Beth, I didn’t know that this already existed! I guess Elvira and I will need to look in to this book! Sounds fun! 😀

  3. Hi, love your pea pod pattern. I’ve been looking and looking for several patterns. Perhaps they will spark some inspiration in you. I would like to see crochet items for swimmers – boys/teenboys. Everything I see is for girls. I’ve also been looking for a christening outfit for a boy with a romper, bonnet, bootie and blanket set – vintage looking. And last I’d love to see items made with grape theme.

  4. I just got a weird but new idea right this minute for maybe a hat that looks like a cobra or snake, like wrapped around the head. It could be made for newborn photographers sort of like the snakes that come out of the baskets.and then if there was a pattern for a turban it could be used as a twin set? Idk, haven’t really thought about it much but that just popped in my head. Otherwise I think hats that look good made with specialty high quality yarns like alpaca, wool, angora, or whatever else would be a good pattern too.

  5. i first thought butterfly then noticed that was already taken. how about a dragonfly ? of course butterfly and dragonfly both have fun wings. or a hummingbird ? or a caterpillar green with black and pink/blue spots ! just some fun ideas. although a firefly would be fun but getting the buttocks to light up would be a challenge so try using a bright yellow ! so many incests so little time 😉

  6. I say something for Boys. There is not enough out there for them. How about a Monkey hat with a matching swaddle? I know there are a ton of sock monkey hats out there but I am talking like real monkey.

  7. I’d like to see a sheep done like the Serta mattress sheep. I’d also like a cockatiel pattern. And maybe a hat done as a flower but with a butterfly in the center (like it has landed on it.)

  8. Someone mentioned baseball glove, and a picture of a soft ‘nerf toy’ type baseball bat came to mind. Both are good props or toys.

    My mind has been on gardening lately. One of the prettiest flowers in the garden in the summer is the squash/pumpkin blossom. What a cute hat that would make…upside down in shades of yellow with green; or a trumpet vine blossom in pinks; blue or pink hydrangea hats; and sunflowers in all the warm colors. Props are sometimes sort of over-the-top in size, so I thought some of the brighter summer flowers would make great hats, with appropriately styled leaves for diaper covers, pods or little blankets.

    As for inspiration, go and do something totally unrelated, mindless and uninspiring, like laundry, washing dishes or weeding the flower beds. It should relax your mind and get your creative juices flowing again. 🙂 Happy creating!

    Elaine Sumner

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