Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!!! What’s everyone spent this lovely weekend doing? I’ve been crocheting up a turtle hatchling set for a friend. I didn’t have a pattern, so I just mixed some of my own ideas. I’ll post photos soon 🙂 Next weekend we will be celebrating my daughter’s first birthday! We are sooo very excited! … Continue reading

Winners are….

Thanks everyone for entering and sharing to win my newest nest egg pattern! Random.org has spoken and the WINNERS are…. Penny Eaton and Beth Williamson! If you ladies left your emails, I’ll be mailing you the pattern in just a minute! 😀 Everyone else, if you visit my craftsy store, the pattern will be on … Continue reading

The “Snuggle Me” Nest Egg!!!

I’m so excited to post about the newest pattern to the shop! The “Snuggle Me” Nest Egg!!! There are so many awesome qualities to this pattern – but the biggest being how versatile it is. It can be made by the most basic of beginners, and you can use essentially any yarn to achieve a … Continue reading

How-To-Tuesdays: The Double Pom-Pom

First of all, let me say that my heart is heavy today. For anyone who is prominent in the crochet community of Facebook, dear Liz over at Playin’ Hooky Designs tragically lost her 5 year old daughter to a severe asthma attack this weekend/week. She fought hard and tough, but lost the battle. I have … Continue reading

Let’s brainstorm!

Well everyone, the Darling Diva Owl pattern giveaway is officially over! After 4 days of giving it away FREE, we all downloaded it 86 times! Holy smokes! It is still available for sale, both on ravelry and craftsy. You can find my store in which to purchase it up above in the links section. I’d … Continue reading

Darling Diva Owl

Hello everybody!!!! I am so super excited to start this new chapter of the blog: Fabulous Freebies!!! I love to create and I love to share. With out the pressure of selling… I’d like to share with you my patterns so we can all enjoy the adorableness that is this little Darling Diva!!! Some background … Continue reading

And the winner is….

With the adorable suggestion of a toolset and hard hat… Elvira!!! Please email me at Teenytooshcrochet@gmail.com for your copy of the pattern! Thanks for all the cute suggestions everyone! They really were ALL great! I can’t wait to get my creative juices flowing. To pass the time until then, I’ve decided to blog a free … Continue reading

Teeny Talk! and a giveaway

Welcome to my first experience in the blog world as Teeny Toosh! I can’t say I will be a professional at this. Blogging has never really been my “thing”. I like to collect all my thoughts in my head, and just file them that way.. but I really would love to be able to do … Continue reading